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Services include:

Dog Walking
Cat Sitting
Animal Care
Feeding your Pets
Medication for Animals
Animal Taxi

We are based in Harrogate and work in the surrounding areas of York and Leeds


Dog Walks in Harrogate such as  Crimple Valley, Hookstone woods, Nidd Gorge, Harlow Carr, Fewston and Swinsty Reservoirs, Knaresborough &  Ripley
Dog Walking at:

Dog Walking in this area is.....

Cat Sitting:

I call and feed the cat, change water, give a cuddle and brush if needed.

I can call once a day  £7.50 or twice a day £12.00

Bins can be taken out and brought back in,

Curtains can be opened and closed, and mail picked moved from front door.



Having worked at a veterinary practice. I am capable of administering medication including insulin injections.

I can do this at the same time as cat sitting, dog walking, or now and again when the owner is unable to be there to do it themselves.


Small furries

Rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamster gerbils etc

These can be looked after whilst you are away, fed. given fresh water cleaned out.

The small portable ones can be looked after in my own home if needed

(I grow vegetables, so often have some spare)

Call Now on 01423 872 775 or email dogsnmogs@yahoo.co.uk